7 Reasons Why Good Business Writing Matters: No.5

1) Writing poorly is rude to your readers

2) Bad writing makes you look bad

3)    Bad writing leads to misunderstanding

4)    Writing well saves everyone’s time

5)    Writing well can give full expression to your great ideas

How many thoroughly ordinary ideas are made to look great because they’re expressed well? And how many great ideas never get noticed because they weren’t expressed well?

Perhaps a few geniuses have already invented a perpetual motion machine, found a cure for cancer, or even figured out the meaning of life, but have been so poor at communicating their ideas that no one has understood them. How frustrating would that be?

Chances are that your business ideas are less impressive than that, but they still deserve to be heard. You might be an outstanding verbal communicator and you might be able to explain your great ideas in that way, but if you are to reach as many people as possible, if you are to give full expression to those ideas, you need to learn to write well.

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